The world’s first privately funded mission to space was launched by Space Services Inc. of America on September 9, 1982.  That historic launch from Matagorda Island, Texas would lead to the creation of a billion dollar market for private aerospace firms.  This blog revisits the accomplishments by notable aerospace entrepreneurs over the last 30 years, and looks forward to an exciting future in private sector space activities over the next three decades.  If you have played a role in private aerospace, or if you have closely followed the industry, we invite you to share your memories with us on this blog and our Facebook page. Also, consider visiting “The Launch of Conestoga 1” webpage on the Celestis website.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlie,
    I am amazed you can remember my exact words after all these years. You got it exactly correct.
    Rick Boller

  2. Charlie,
    I’m now out of the Air Force but still work for the AF as an contract engineer, Recently I worked on the Operationally Responsive Space #1 satllite which was launched on an Orbital Sciences Corporation Minotaur II booster. That booster is a direct discendent of Connestoga. The world moves on! Today I got a briefing on asteroid mining as a commercial venture. They sounded so much like you guys I could hardly get over it. They also want to slightly bend the existing rules to make it happen. This will happen just like Conestoga. I still stay in touch with some of the Air Force folks that worked Conestoga issues.

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